Typhlosion Custom Card (Holo Vintage Style)
Typhlosion Custom Card (Holo Vintage Style)
Niall Conder

Typhlosion Custom Card (Holo, Vintage Style)

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All my cards are made by putting a glossy vinyl decal over top of an original Pokemon Card. This one is actually holographic and the pokedex at the bottom is holo as well! (Holo looks better in real life) Great gift for the collector who has everything! The artwork on this card is by the amazing artist Niall Conder or @niallconder on instagram. This is a custom fan-made Pokemon Card so it will not be perfect :) (you will receive a different card than the one in the stock photo.)

Disclaimer: Since all my cards are made with vinyl decals you may see some slight shrinkage on the edges over time.

** This card is a piece of art I have hand crafted and is not an official Nintendo release. All rights are to their respective owners **

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