Hunneon Eeveelution Custom Card (Holo Vintage Style)
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Hunneon Eeveelution Custom Card (Holo, Vintage Style)

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Hunneon, the bug type Eeveelution. "If an Eevee is to enter Honeycomb Isle, it will start a long gestation period. It will begin a cocoon phase that ultimately culminates in the emergence of it's insect evolution" With the Pokemon Power: Honeycomb Defender, your opponent's attacks won't do as much damage if Hunneon is hurt. Dangerous Stinger sure packs a wallop with its high damage and Status Effects!

All my cards are made by putting a glossy vinyl decal over top of an original Pokemon Card. This card is really holographic! This card comes from the imagination of artist @Pokemon_Gerritsen_Cards on instagram, go check out his other customs there and give him a follow! Great gift for the collector who has everything! This is a custom fan-made Pokemon Card so it will not be perfect :) (you will receive different card than the one in the stock photo.) 

Disclaimer: Since all my cards are made with vinyl decals you may see some slight shrinkage on the edges over time.

** This card is a piece of art I have hand crafted and is not an official Nintendo release. All rights are to their respective owners **

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