Avieon Eeveelution Custom Card (Holo Vintage Style)
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Avieon Eeveelution Custom Card (Holo, Vintage Style)

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Avieon, the flying type Eeveelution. "While small in stature, this Pokemon is actually documented as one of the fastest Pokemon on Earth. It can reach speeds up to 700 MPH, just under the speed of sound." With the Pokemon Power: Golden Wing, you get to save some of your energies once Avieon is knocked out. Sky Attack has the ability to either do a ton of damage or 0, may the luck of the coin flip be in your favor!

All my cards are made by putting a glossy vinyl decal over top of an original Pokemon Card. This card is really holographic! This card comes from the imagination of artist @Pokemon_Gerritsen_Cards on instagram, go check out his other customs there and give him a follow! Great gift for the collector who has everything! This is a custom fan-made Pokemon Card so it will not be perfect :) (you will receive different card than the one in the stock photo.) 

Disclaimer: Since all my cards are made with vinyl decals you may see some slight shrinkage on the edges over time.

** This card is a piece of art I have hand crafted and is not an official Nintendo release. All rights are to their respective owners **

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